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Steps To A Spiritual Journey

How To Start A Spiritual Journey

Before starting a spiritual journey, understand that each person has a unique path. You should not try to follow someone else's path. The spiritual path often begins when experiencing a personal crisis or some catastrophic event such as illness, divorce, unemployment, or the death of a family member will often force you to search for answers. This is because you are feeling confused, hurt, or angry. Nothing makes sense anymore, there's no purpose to anything. Every spiritual journey has it's share of ups and downs, and when things reach their lowest, it's known as the "dark night of the soul". 

"The dark night of the soul" is essentially any time when our darkness comes to the forefront. It's as if we are doing everything we can to stay afloat, it seems as if the universe, the world, and life is against us. Often times, a dark night of the soul is a necessary part of people's spiritual evolution. It often happens to guide us to find our purpose in life and for us to break away from the illusions of fear and ego to shift our alignment and values to what is real and true, the connection to the divine, and ultimately pave the way for your life purpose and mission here on earth. When your in this state of mind you can open the door to new perceptions. I would suggest starting your spiritual journey with self-reflection. Spend time alone and deeply reflect on your life. Meditation is always a great step. You can also start journaling or prayer.


Below is some guidance to help you get started:

  • ​Find a reason

What's your reason for starting a spiritual journey? Is it because you read about it somewhere? Or you want to find the true meaning to life​. Maybe you want to find a way to improve you life. Or it might be that you have suffered a lot and now you want to change your life.

  • Take the journey step by step

Becoming spiritual is not one size fits all. It differs from person to person. Some people like to keep a gratitude journal, It also may be yoga or meditation that they choose. While others form a deep spiritual connection by helping others. Music is another great way to connect. When you decide you want to go on a spiritual journey it might feel overwhelming at first. However, just take it slow and look for things that interest and resonate with you. whichever way you choose remember there is no one perfect way. Don't over think it. Start your spiritual journey with a purpose and try to fulfil that. Just begin somewhere. It could be by just reading books. Start small and work your way up trying different options to see what works best for you.

  • Consistency is key

Like anything else we do, the more we practice the better it becomes. If you decide to do meditation, try to do it for 10 minutes every morning. Whichever you decide to try to do it daily.

  • Practice solitude

When you start your spiritual journey, spend some time alone. And this does not include when you watch TV or scrolling through your phone. This is a time for self reflection. It could be when you want to meditate​ or write in your gratitude journal or just for a walk in the woods and connect with nature.

  • Connect with nature

Spending time in nature can help you feel more connected to the world and the universe.This can include activities such as hiking, camping, or simply taking a walk in the park. By connecting with nature, you can develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world and find peace and tranquility.

  • Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful tool for spiritual growth. By focusing on what you have, rather than what you lack, you can cultivate a positive outlook and build a more spiritual connection with the world. You can practice gratitude by keeping a journal, writing thank-you notes, or simply reflecting on things you are thankful for each day.

  • Find a community

The easiest way to stay on your spiritual path is to find people with the same interest as you. Join facebook groups or other online communities for spiritual practices. Joining a spiritual group or community can give you an opportunity to connect with others who share your beliefs and values and to learn from their experiences. 


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